New in 2018
10 Apr 2018

New in 2018

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our service because our guests and their needs always come first.
That is the basis on which our five star apartments are built on.

We truly take nothing for granted so when guests give us their feedback, we act. This is what we have done so far:

New toasters

Want to enjoy a warm and quick breakfast before heading to the beach or the pool? Use one of our sleek new toasters!

Toasters within 5 star apartman at Rab and Lopar, Croatia


New vacuums

You like to keep things clean and do a quick tidy-up or you just want to clean up after a cooking accident?
Now you can do that quickly and effortlessly with our new powerful cordless vacuums!

New vacuums 5 star apartman at Rab and Lopar, Croatia


The awning

The second floor apartments were getting quite a bit of sun so we made an elegant, yet functional, high-quality awning that improved not only the standard of our service, but also the visual appeal of the entire house!

The awing 5 star apartman Rab Lopar Croatia

We have more improvements planned for the future so be sure to let us know what your thoughts and ideas are, we would love to hear from you!

And if you would like to experience everything firsthand, please contact us at any time and book your ideal vacation!