11 Jan 2017


The island of Rab is a tourist hotspot for more than 120 years whereby the local people are involved in organized tourism and accompanying activities such as fishery, stock breeding, olive growing, wine making, ship building etc. Therefore, Rab is a developed tourist destination awarded with many prizes and awards and represents a true gem of the Kvarner bay but the Adriatic as a whole.

Located in the Kvarner bay, the island of Rab is surrounded by numerous islands such as Goli otok, Grgur, Lukovac and Školjić. Unlike other islands in the Kvarner, the island of Rab has a relatively small number of villages, just 8 of them – the city of Rab, Banjol, Barbat, Kampor, Mundanije, Palit, Supetarska Draga and, of course, Lopar.

As the result of a great geographic and tourist location, the island of Rab is nowadays very popular with tourists and families. Each destination on the island has a unique sight to offer. The city of Rab, as the center of the whole island is famous for its four bell-towers and the representation as s ship with four masts. Banjol is special for its four bays while numerous small boardwalks and pebble beaches are the trademarks of Barbat. Kampor kept its true look of a traditional Mediterranean fishing town. Mundanije, as the only place on the island that is not located on the coast is famous for cultivating fruits and vegetables in a traditional way. Palit is partially situated along the cove of St. Euphemia. A big marina is located in Supetarska Draga making this place a must-visit for all nautical enthusiasts. Lopar is situated on the north part of Rab. Famous for its rich gastronomic offer and numerous events and activities, Lopar is a great destination for families and groups of friends. San Mar apartments and its qualified staff follow the highest standards of Croatian tourism offering its guests an all-round experience for a dream vacation.